How to make a Fantastic online
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 Tennis coaches & instructors you can learn how to use the
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The Corona epidemic has closed our tennis clubs and sent our trainers to quarantine. How can we continue to keep our professional connection and our social connection with our students? We have started a model called SMASH THE CORONA which is a profit project for non profit goals. We have produced a training video on HOW TO MAKE A FANTASTIC ONLINE TENNIS LESSON USING ZOOM ! We want to be able to continue and pass the message that while Corona can change our routine and keep us isolated, it cannot take away our freedom !!

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As part of our fight for a healthier future for our children a sum of $3 will be donated to "the United Nations Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund” from each purchase. This is to aid this very important cause to fight the virus & find a cure!

What the course will be and what the course aims to do

When I started the Zoom tennis lessons I realized that Zoom isn’t built to be used for group sports activities such as Tennis, so I gave some thought on how to adapt the training activities to suit the restrictions of using Zoom. I felt that I can’t continue to be passive in the shadow of the Corona virus. Through my online training I am transferring my enthusiasm and state of mind to my students. After my success in training through Zoom I gathered another 60 Tennis coaches in Israel and taught them how to teach their students successfully using Zoom. 

So what can a tennis video lesson can give us on such days ?? What we can gain from tennis video lesson despite the difficulties ?


There are dozens of static fitness exercises that you can do in a room or in a small area !


You need to think that if you feel out of control, what will a child feel when the situation forces him to be in a quarantine ? They aer not seeing their friends,  not doing their hobbies,  not doing sports. It is important for them to see theit tennis buddies, to have a smile, to feel maybe a little bit more free, a bit more glad!


This is good time to work on things that we neglect in regular lessons: technique issues that we can explain through tennis videos, tactic subjects, and especially our tennis mentality !!


We can work with the kids in the group on nutrition ! Give a nutrition menu for every age & from class to class and follow-up on how they ate on stressful days and when they are out of their routine. We can give them ‘homework’ to play tennis on a wall in their garage or some wall nearby,  they can take picture of themselves and upload to the group social media page. We can create a “the corona challenge” to hit a bottle of water from 3 m’ with a ball and take pictures of themselves.

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Hi my name is Avi Golender 

I am from Israel. I am a 43 years old tennis coach and the owner of a tennis club called “Tennis With Avi”.
Tennis is my lifelong love and I have been playing tennis since the age of 7.  Sometimes it seems that this is the only thing I do.
When the Corona virus started to spread and hit Israel I was at the height of my activities in my club. I was training children and adults, personal training, competitions, and overnight I was forced to stop all my activities. It was a very harsh truth for me to deal with.
The most difficult part of it was giving up the daily connection with my students, especially the children.


It’s great that Avi managed to pull this off! I am able to maintain the things i’ve learned so far and continue practicing through the online lesson.

In my tennis zoom lessons I learn about the tennis skills and techniques. The lessons are fun and I always look forward to the next lesson

Corona didn’t sto0p us from tennis, Avi thank you so much! I never thought that sport activities can be so efficient through online sessions!

Tennis is one of the major sports for my daughter Talia. Thanks to Avi we can enjoy and keep some of our daily life. As children find themselves with their iPhones…Tennis keeps them sportive, organized and happy! see…even her little brother wanted to be part of it:)

I look forward to having you join our team of successful zoom tennis trainers by purchasing the video.

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Join our facebook page: Zoom Tennis classes – smash the corona.

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